April 28, 2008

Wherein the Lord was alone

Well, I failed last week.

Sixteen weeks into my promise to God that I’d go to a daily Mass every week besides my Sunday Obligation, I missed a week. My wicked cold and the copious amounts of NyQuil held me in bed too long each ‘morn.

But I planned to make up for it this week by going twice—maybe even 3 times! And no better than to start right away, right?

This morning, the alarm sounded at 5:00, usually enough time to make 6:15 Mass at Prince of Peace in Olathe, which is by my office. But I dilly-dallied this morning, and didn’t hit the PoP parking lot until 6:20, and when I got to the breezeway to the small daily Mass chapel, I heard they were into the first reading.

The daily Mass chapel is a sad little non-descript room next to their Perpetual Adoration chapel that doesn’t seat too many people. I understand why the parish uses the small room rather than the big gymnasium nave for the Sunday Masses, but that little room is an inglorious space for the glory of the Lord. (is it more inglorious than the PoP main church? No. But that’s a whole different topic altogether)

But since the daily Mass chapel is so small, I figured it’d be disrespectful and disruptive if I marched in after the Mass had begun, and I decided to duck into the Adoration chapel for a rosary and maybe a short Lectio Divina. But though the Perpetual Adoration was unlocked, it was empty (Hellooooooo? Perpetual?). Someone had the good sense to veil the Monsterance with a very pretty cover, but the lights were out and I got the impression that they didn’t want anyone there.

The more I think about it, this disturbs me more and more. While our Lord had been attended to, there was really no one there to protect the Sacred Species. The room was unlocked and ignored.

But I left, too. Without thinking. I probably should have stayed, but it didn’t occur to me then. It’s the first time I’ve ever had to think about this.

Alas, it looks like I’ll have the alarm set again tomorrow—this time for 4:50 AM. (!) And I’m going to look into the proper way to temporarily close a Perpetual Adoration chapel—any suggestions on where to start this?


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Comments (3)

yeah, that is a small cold little chapel,

Their Adoration practices could use a good Diocesan Review, as they allow laymen to insert and remove the Luna, also they allow laymen to move the monstrance to the small chapel for some devotions sometimes with no humeral veil or anything.

While their Adoration Chapel is Convenient I am Leary of all the freedoms the laity have there

Couldn't some of those laymen have been properly trained to do this task? I'm not suggesting that it is ideal and I don't know what the Diocesean rules are but I think all chapels around town could use a review.

I personally wish they would have a standard that left the monstrance or luna inside a tabernacle that had doors that could be opened and closed without creating the need for peple to move our Lord around. But then my vocation is not that of a Bishop.


Hi Christopher-- "a good Diocesan Review" would benefit a good number of practices of a good number of parishes in the Archdiocese. Don't hold your breath.

Hi Steve Ruyle-- I personally wish that Prince of Peace had a tabernacle worth a hoot to begin with. It's the crummiest little metal box on a crummy little pedastal, alone on this sprawling sanctuary stage-- you can't even see it when the priest is offering the Mass. Of all the churches in Johnson County, Prince of Peace is the one that could use a remodel the most.

The way this parish treats the Blessed Sacrament is such a downer. It's like the most important person in the room is an after-thought.

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